The Style of Writing of Bloggers and Their Strengths and Weaknesses

Of the many Bloggers in this world, of course they have their own special characteristics in the make blog articles * exception for copaser dregs hehehe …

Likewise with TeknologiRAF who had the style of writing that may be different from the others, although somewhat less formal TeknologiRAF version 1 on hehehe …

Alright, let’s discuss the style of the Bloggers writing y ^_^.
4 writing style Blogger

1. Converse

The style of writing is regularly conversing we encounter on the blog-personal blog belonging to the Blogger, the blog niche and usually wears converse style of writing is also erratic and prone to personal (personal blog), meaning not a blog created for monetization.

This is indeed the converse style suitable for a blog that doesn’t think of earnings as well as the question of SEO because that is simply think in convenience of visitors on their blog. Because people tend to prefer to read articles that use everyday language, rather than formal language.

The advantages of this style of writing, i.e. making visitors more interested in reading the article and also makes visitors read relax because the language used is the everyday language.

But the shortcomings of the writing style of the converse, i.e. make search engines do not understand with some words or sentences from an article that resulted in a decrease in our article on SERP position.

2. Formal languages

The language style of this one i.e. as opposed to converse style of writing, where the language is used to create the article was the formal language.

Formal language i.e. language in accordance with the rules of the EYD and KBBI.

The advantages of writing style with formal languages are the articles we were able to be absorbed and understood by search engines in that it allows our articles could raise position in SERP.

But the style of writing with the formal language also has drawbacks, among them some visitors feel tired or strange with the language used, because it is too rigid.

3. language of the Alay

Alay is the abbreviation of Lebay where lebay in interpret overload.

A blog that uses the language of the alay are usually owned by a Blogger who is recently entered the world of blogging and of course the alay hahaha …

The style of language like this is not in the suggest to all of you and try to avoid creating articles with the stylistics alay.

Stylistics alay actually does have advantages at all (except the alluring visitor alay too). The language style and certainly this one has a lot of Flaws such as no search engine understands them with the language of the article, most visitors normally do not understand the language of the article, and some online advertising declined the use of blog the language of this one.

For example i.e. Google Adsense and other advertising some.

4. Non-language

Free language style i.e. the uncertain language style, sometimes the blog using everyday language, sometimes also using formal language & even wear both the language in article 1.

The language style of this one is the style language that now I use on almost every article in this TeknologiRAF.

Lack of style excess & non language similar to the style of language and formal language style of conversing.

If you have a personal blog that is not made for the monetization of blogs you guys can wear the style language chat, formal or non. But I recommend to wear a style language chatting so that more visible is not boring for visitors, but you can choose another language style.

But, if you have a blog created for monetization, we recommend using a formal language or style can also be free. But, it is better style to formal language because search engines can better understand what is meant in article that we make.

But, I remind them once again not to use the language of alay, alay language as the use of other than the normal visitors making does not understand the language in use, search engine also does not typing the language used.

So, use language that suits your niche and purpose you blogging Yes … It’s just that I want to share on this morning about the style of writing of bloggers. Thank you and hopefully useful. Wait for the next article continues …

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