The Richest Country In The World’s Number 1

The richest countries in Asia, where most Countries are rich in the world? certainly this question appeared INSTING your readers. For this time we will discuss the 10 richest countries in the world now. list of richest countries was issued and published by the renowned magazine Forbes. Middle East oil-producing countries of the Earth to dominate on the order of rank of richest country below. Qatar is a country with the highest per capita incomes in the world pass through the rich countries and the developed world.

How do I calculate the wealthiest and prosperous countries in the world? This can be calculated in a way, that sums up revenue and profits earned from the production of goods and services that the rich countries. Here’s the 10 richest countries in the world now, as reported by the Magazine Forbes.

1. The State of Qatar


Location: Asia

Capital: Doha

Currency: Qatar Riyal

GDP per capita: US $102,768.6

Countries in the Persian Gulf with its population was 1.7 million. The wealth of the country of Qatar soared with soaring world oil prices, and the magnitude of the natural gas reserves that qatar had. Qatar has natural gas reserves are the third largest in the world, and most have invested in an infrastructure to melt as well as in its export. For several years in the future, the State of Qatar is estimated to remain the focus of oil and natural gas, but has begun to develop its sector. In 2004, Qatar science and technologi Park opened to attract and service-based businesses in various technology, both within and outside of Qatar.

2. The country of Luxembourg

European countries

Location: Continental Europe

Capital City: Luxembourg

Currency: Euro

GDP per capita: US $80,679.06

Order after Qatar was Luxembourg, small cayenne pepper. A country with a population totalling half a million people, this makes the financial center of the second diparuh of the 20th century. Partly because of the banking law secrecy thanks to tight enough with the reputation of the tax haven Luxembourg. State in particular have financial and trade relations with Belgium and the Netherlands, and as any EU Member States feel the benefits of the open European market.

3. Country Singapore

Location: South East Asia

Capital: Singapore

Currency: Singapore Dollar

GDP per capita: US $60,883.33

The order of the next richest countries namely Singapore. The country near indonesia is driven by the field of the technology sector, manufacturing as well as financially. Economic Inteligence Unit in “quality of life Index” put Singapore on the best quality of life rank 1 throughout Asia and the 11th in the world. Singapore has foreign exchange reserves of the ninth-largest in the world. Country Singapore has a developed its armed forces.

4. Country Norway

country Norway

Location: Europe

Capital: Oslo

Currency: Krone Norway

GDP per capita: US $55,264.45

The next sequence is the country of Norway, with the amount of revenues from petroleum that is largely a result of exports and also the main contribution for his country. The country was one of the country’s largest physical gas ekspotir. The State that is located diSemenanjung Penisula, this shape is a constitutional monarchy government system which uses the parlement.

5. The State of Brunei Darussalam

Brunei darussalam

Location: South East Asia

Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan

Currency: Brunei Dollar

GDP per capita: US4 50,526.35

Brunei Darussalam is one of the smallest countries located in Southeast Asia. in the North of the island of Borneo to be exact and borders Malaysia. State of Brunei consists of two parts separated by country of Malaysia on land. are the name of Borneo was named by the United Kingdom based on the name of this area because at that time Europeans trade passing through the airport as the largest commercial diBrunei dipulau it. The economy of Brunei Darussalam is based petroleum and gas sector with high national income included in the world its currency of Brunei dollar that has a value equal to Dolarr Singapore.

6. State of the USA (United States)

United States

Location: America

Capital: Washington D. C.

Currency: U.s. Dollar

GDP per capita: US4 49,802.15

United States is a federal Republic composed of 50 States and the District of federalnya. With the exception of Alaska (Northern Canada) and in Hawaii (Pacific Ocean), 48 other States and the District of federalnya that is located diAmerika North. United States border with Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico to the South, and Canada in the North and Northwest (Northern Alaska). Dibarat country bordering the Pacific Ocean and is bordered to the East by the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, the United States “has” some areas of the Pacific and diKaribia, though the area is not part of the territory of the United States.

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