The necessity of Having my own Domain with Hosting

Hosting and domain can not be separated. Any website need a hosting and domain as a whole. If one does not exist then an inaccessible website.

Hosting is storage of website files while the domain is the name of that website. Hosting can be likened to such as kavling land while the domain is the name of the building that stood on it. While the building itself is a website.

By tracing the like above, then having my own hosting for our website is very important because of the following reasons:

1. Ownership of Data

The website was built using the free hosting is like building a House on the land. The landlord can close the land. If that is the case how the fate of the buildings on it? How the fate of the data of our website? The website is an increasingly valuable asset was the higher value. Currently there are many cheap hosting services. Use that opportunity to save Your property assets are priceless.

2. Discretion

Have your own website using paid hosting clearly more freely. Like having a House on the land itself. You will want to do anything. Something that is free of course contain limitations.

3. Advertising

Usually free hosting live from the ad. Therefore the free hosting usually insert ads on free hosting facilities they provide. If this ad appears on our website, let alone a website associated with the company, then the company’s image will be damaged.

4. The limitations of technical support

In addition to the cost of the device, the operating costs of the management of the hosting is not cheap. Moreover, regarding the costs to pay for technical support personnel. Therefore, the free hosting usually do not provide technical support 24 hours a day. They only provide technical support on certain hours and only via email. This of course will make it difficult in case of disturbances or other things that need to be asked.

5. Data Backup

Almost certainly the free hosting does not provide data backup. Then what would happen if their servers are experiencing damage resulting in a loss of data? You can’t demand data backup because you never pay anything. Data backup is a separate fee for the hosting company. If so, be prepared to lose Your website data and build from scratch.

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