Put the chip back in an HP 4700

A reset chip is needed to refill a cartridge on almost every type of printer, such as the HP-4700. You can not refill any ink cartridge without a chip refill because the original chip for ink refills is not set up. The printer may not sense the ink levels or it may not respond properly without a reset chip. You need to know the make and model of the printer to buy the right reset chip with your ink cartridge.


1.Keep holding the empty ink cartridge from your printer then, with a fine blade carefully cut at the top of the cartridge around the area that the small sensor chip is located. The chip is square with a notched trowel left corner and metal plates on the front.
2.Use the point of the blade, lift the chip. Use fine tip tweezers to pull the chip out of the cartridge.
3.Blow slightly to clean the chip housing, plastic chips or other debris that may have resulted from cutting the original chip for free.
4.Pick up the new reset chip, make sure that its notch in the upper left half, and slide it into the empty space. Then position the chip into place.
5.fixed position of the chip at the bottom of the chip housing flush. This ensures proper contact, enabling the ink cartridge to be refilled.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure that you do not force the chip loose as it can damage the pickup case, which causes the reset chip to not fit properly. If the chip does not come loose immediately, cut it carefully to release it back to the chip out of the case.
Reset chips can be purchased online at specialty retailers or general product websites like eBay.
Do not force the original chip or the reset chip or shrink the chip case or cause it damage the chips and the cartridge, rendering them unusable.

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