The penis is the male genital organs. Laymen frequently call it a phallus. But the complete lack of mention of genital organs because men and women are divided into two, namely outer and inner genital organs. The penis is the external genital organs. Genital organs in men is testicle (phallus) and channels of sperm (semen).
As the genital organs, penis serves as means of copulation organs, i.e. the behavior of sexuality in men. Penis flower growing along with the development of experienced men. The development of the organs of the penis occurs simultaneously with puberty in men.
In contrast to women, in which the genital tract, and urinary tract in men ejaculating and urinary tract are the same, i.e. through another channel of the urethra. Penis urethra tract runs along and out through the penis. Thus, the penis not only serves as the genital organs but also the organs of excretion (disposal of residual substances).


Disease or abnormalities of the penis include:
Infection, generally obtained from sexual activities. Infection can be caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites;
Hypospadias and epispadia, i.e. the location of the urethra abnormalities. The location of the tip of the urethra that normal is right on the tip of the penis head. In some people, the urethra can be found on the back of the penis or penis side down. This disorder should be operated on since infancy to prevent complications;
Micropenis, i.e. abnormalities in terms of the size where penis size in sufferers under the standards of the average population. Micropenis is usually the penyulit on sirkumsisi;
Phimosis, which is a disorder in which the skin of the head of the penis can not be pulled back. Phimosis is the main therapeutic sirkumsisi;
Priapism, i.e. erectile disorders where the penis erection prolonged condition;
Tumors and cancer.


There are some common rules to avoid various diseases and abnormalities of the penis:
Some diseases and kelaianan in the penis (such as hypospadias, epispadia, and phimosis) are congenital, IE has been around since someone was born and cannot be avoided. Therefore, it can be done is to detect as early as possible. Congenital disorders in General is already detectable since infancy;
Avoid sexual behavior is free and loyal to just one sexual partner is the most effective protection against sexually transmitted diseases;
Always maintain the cleanliness of the genital organs is key to avoid various diseases on the penis. A number of studies show sirkumsisi is one good action for health.

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