Official Internet Network Protocols

In the year 1982 in the form of TCP or Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol or IP that is known to us all. Meanwhile in Europe appeared a rival computer network which is known with Eunet, which provides computer networking services in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Sweden. Eunet network provides e-mail and newsgroups ESENET.

To uniform the address on an existing computer network, then in the year 1984 in introduce the domain name system, which we are familiar with DNS or Domain Name System. The computer you are connected to the existing network has exceeded 1000 computer more. In 1987 the number of computers that connect to the network jumped 10 fold into 10,000 more.

In 1988, Jarko Oikarinen from Firland find and simultaneously introduce IRC or Internet Relay Chat. A year later, the number of computers that are interconnected back soaring 10 times in a year. No fewer than 100,000 computer now form a network. The year 1990 was the year’s most historic, when Tim Berners Lee find a program editor and browser that can roam between a computer with other computers, which make up that network. This program is called with www, or the World Wide Web.

Year 1992, computer connected network already exceeds a million computers, and in the same year appeared the term Surfing The Internet. Year 1994, the internet site has grown into a 3000 page address, and for the first time virtual shopping or e-retailers appear on the internet. World directly changed. In the same year Yahoo! was founded, which also at one time the birth of Netscape Navigator 1.0.

Internet figures

Tim Berners Lee, creator of the WWW (World Wide Web)
Roy Tomlinson, creator of the @ (at) in e-mail addresses

The Benefits Of The Internet

In general there are many benefits that can be gained when someone had access to the internet. Here’s some of what’s available on the internet:

Information for private life: health, recreation, hobbies, personal development, spiritual, social.
Information for professional/worker life: science, technology, trade, stocks, commodities, news, business, Association, Business Association, the professions various communication forums.
One of the most interesting thing is that membership of the internet knows no boundaries of race, class, economic, ideological or other factors which normally inhibit the exchange of thoughts. The Internet is a world community which is very democratic and has a code of ethics that is highly respected in all its members. The benefits obtained through the internet especially in cooperation between private or group limits the distance and time.

In fact, if your talking about the effects of positive and negative, all aspects of any definite there are certainly positive and negative impacts. But it was all back on each of them, how we use it. Special among laity or old people who are on the rural, many the opinion that cyberspace internet alias is identical to things that smelled of negative. To the extent that their parents are especially awful lot of banned his children for access to the internet world.

To further improve the quality of human resources in, it was time professionals utilize internet network and become part of a world information society.

So some articles about the benefits of the internet for students, the benefits of the internet for education and the benefits of the internet for the community can be beneficial for all of us, whether for students or parents who need information about Internet world

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