New! Price and specs leaked iPhone 8

The arrival of the iPhone devices 8 indeed still long, but Apple fans still curious and want to know what price will be on the PIN to the device per-unit

The device is said to come with a feature-art and design from Apple

After the beginning of February there is a mention that the price is 1,000 U.s. dollars, or approximately idr 13.3 millions, now turn Goldman Sachs that gives the instructions reserved iPhone price 8.

According to one of the analis, Simona Jankowski, iPhone 8 will come in two models, 128 GB, and 256 GB. The price of each is $999 and $1,099 (about USD 13 millions and idr 14.6 millions).

In conjunction with the release of the device, the model from the previous year, namely the iPhone iPhone 7 Plus 7 and will begin to decline in price.

The following is an approximate list price of the iPhone this year when it was released later on:

Apple iPhone $8 999 (idr13.3 millions) to the top.
Apple iPhone 7s Plus $769 (idr 10.2 millions) to the top.
Apple iPhone 7s $649 (idr 8.6 millions) to the top.
Jankowski stressed that Apple, the usual run of more than one design, has found one design selected for iPhone 8.

He also mentioned that this very important role model for companies with apples.

Goldman Sachs also tried to expose their findings regarding the specifications Apple iPhone 8, i.e. 5.8-inch OLED screen, all the screen, without the 3D sensor, bezel, the DRAM/NAND memory is faster and better, data storage capacity of 128 GB start, chip A11, without the Home button, and biometric authentication.

It seems like if seen from the leaked and rumors circulating, many more surprises will be on Beckham on iPhone devices 8, so don’t miss out on news about the latest smartphone from Apple this Yes

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