Miranda IM is a multi-protocol for Windows

Miranda IM is a multi-protocol for Windows. Miranda IM uses very little memory and very fast. With Miranda also does not require installation and can be fitted on a single floppy disk.

A powerful plugin system makes Miranda IM very flexible. Only the most basic features are built, but there are currently more than 350 free plugins available for download that allows users to extend the functionality of Miranda IM.


Features of Miranda

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)
IAX (Inter-Asterisk Exchange)
IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

Miranda NG is a successor of a popular multi-protocol instant messaging client for Windows – Miranda IM. Very light on system resources and extremely fast.

Miranda IM is a multi-protocol for Windows

Installer7-zip archiveDebug symbolsStable version
(0.96.1) 32-bit / 64-bit 32-bit / 64-bit 32-bit / 64-bit
Development version
(0.96.2) 32-bit / 64-bit 32-bit / 64-bit 32-bit / 64-bit

Supported Operating Systems

Miranda NG supports Windows 2003 / XP (SP 3) / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10.

Miranda NG is designed, written & supported by:

  • Bartosz Białek aka Dezeath
  • Sergey Bolkhovskoy aka Elzor
  • Alexander Gluzsky aka sss
  • Vladislav Grishenko aka theMIROn
  • Ekaterina Gritsenko aka Tuarisa
  • George Hazan aka ghazan
  • Alexey Koulakov aka Awkward
  • Michael Kunz aka Protogenes
  • Dmitry Kuzkin aka Bio
  • Alexander Lantsev aka Unsane
  • Eugene Lishnevsky aka elishnevsky
  • Vlad Mironov aka mironych
  • Victor Pavlychko aka nullbie
  • Robert Pösel aka Robyer
  • Konstantin Romanov aka Kildor
  • Nikolai Romanovich aka MikalaiR
  • Ivan Rozhuk aka rozhuk
  • Alexander Shorin aka Kxepal
  • Artem Shpynov aka FYR
  • Kirill Volinsky aka Mataes
  • Tobias Weimer aka Wishmaster


Miranda NG is published under the GNU GPL license.

Thanks To

We would like to thank the following people for making Miranda NG and the website possible:
  • Miranda IM team – for their good work in the past
  • Michal Tomášek aka Cree — for the initial graphics design of this website
  • All testers, translators and users for their support

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