Line for PC download and install Line

Line for PC download and install Line-The phone and send the message as much as one wants! Without limits!
Point to the application number 1 most often downloaded in 52 countries including Japan, Thailand Malaysia Singapore, China, Spain, Asia, Switzerland, Mexico, Macau Saudi Arabic United Arab Emirates and other countries!

Developer(s) Naver Corporation
Initial release March 2011; 6 years ago
Stable release(s) [±]
iOS 7.0.0 / 26 January 2017; 3 months ago
Android  7.0.1 / 23 January 2017; 3 months ago
BlackBerry 3.3.8 / 21 October 2016; 6 months ago
Firefox OS 1.7.3 / 11 May 2015; 23 months ago
Windows (desktop) / 17 February 2017; 2 months ago
Windows (UWP)     5.4.7
macOS  4.11.1 / 19 December 2016; 4 months ago
Available in 40 languages
Type Instant messaging
Licence Freeware

Line for PC download and install Line 
Download and install Line for computer
LINE : Free Calls & Messages
For Android LINE: Free Calls & Messages
LINE is Now Available for BlackBerry
LINE for Nokia ‘Asha’ Device Scheduled to be released in March 2013

New POINT features

◆ Locate Users POINT to other People around you with Regional
Get your friends based on your location using Browse.

Practical for all members of your group in a chat.

Photos, save message, john john Maintain video share it all to easily.

Video Calls
Now you can make calls with POINT movie!

More about the features of the POINT:
◆ Voice call john Calls Movie for free!
The phone and talk with the times and of course free of charge!
Rather than sending an email/sms to your friends, the message function POINT to send messages by colored icons that is use, photos and location data.
・you rself with the label john emoji.
・john voice messages easily.
・for the PC and the pill

◆ Make Communication more fun john Comfortable
Features Schedule, photographs, you can update using text labels, movie, or even location data. Don’t also follow!

◆ Locate your favorite characters in the entire Label Store!
You can find a sticker label-funny and witty featuring characters from all over the world!

Add Bill Established for the original message from your country of famous celebrities.

◆ Do international calls with the Line-Out
Do call to john phone international rates that is cheap. You can even be a friend.
Does this application application can cost information. We recommend using this application package unlimited internet.
Technical data for the use of the Optimum:

This software may possibly not be mounted properly when the storage storage in your system you’re inadequate or should you system link is unpredictable.
Please examine the capability of accessible storage storage and also the bond can be used and try.

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