Lexmark X2350 Printer Driver Download

Lexmark X2350 Printer Driver Download

Download Driver Lexmark X2350-Lexmark X2350 Printer Driver Download

When this printer is not only can be used to print a document, but more than that, because most printers already incorporating various features into one. As does the Lexmark X2350 multifunction printer. The printer combines printer, scanner and for duplicating documents (copier).

But the printer without a program or a suitable software, it will not run properly or the user will not get all of their features. This is commonly called Program with drivers. When buying a new printer, is usually already included with instructions and a CD or DVD program, including the driver. But there are times when a user lost the CD/DVD or want to use the latest version of the program. The solution was to seek from the printer manufacturer’s official website.

Lexmark was one of the vendors is a pretty famous printer machine, so it is fairly easy to find the Lexmark printer driver X2350. We just visited the official website, we then can search manually type the printer that is used or go directly to the section/page downloads.

Although this printer output belongs to the old, but can still be used until Windows 7 (by using the windows Vista drivers). Printer driver provides a variety of additional features and applications to enhance the use of the Lexmark X2350. Some of the components included in this driver are:

  • All of the programs or applications that are needed in order to make the printer work fine;
  • Include Host Based Printer driver;
  • Already certified with WHQL from Microsoft;
  • Additional components, to do the settings in the local network;
  • Interface Lexmark applications for easy printing, do scan and duplication;
  • Device utility for setting up the various components of the printer.
After the printer driver is installed including the additional components included therein, users can get the full functionality of these printers, among other things:
  • Set the resolution of the document when printed;
  • Set up a variety of sources, the size and position of the paper;
  • Set the intensity of color and quality;
  • Various usage instructions and steps when there is a problem with the printer;
  • A variety of options to set up the print process according the needs of other users.

Although this printer belongs to long, but with the right driver, the various features provided are still sufficient for everyday use. Just make sure select the appropriate driver for the operating system being used

Download Driver Lexmark X2350
Filename: cjb2300CZ.exe
File size: 35 MB
SHA-256: 29d934eaf00cba245be03e95d5e2b57d2692e0ebde0a8478b0590ce4254ddc67
Operating Systems (OS): Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Languages: Czech
Date Released: Nov 16, 2010
Products: X2310, Lexmark X2350, Lexmark X2330
Filename: cjq2300TC.exe
File size: 50 MB
SHA-256: 0224b314b33f8605d7ec4fb8ea0807cce01cb28d3cf7e787beb4527accce1765
Operating Systems (OS): Windows XP Professional x64
Languages: Chinese (Taiwan)
Date Released: Nov 18, 2010
Products: Lexmark X2350, X2310, Lexmark X2330

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