Interesting! iPhone SE has started in production in India

After China, India is the next target market country into the target country for the production of the device a smartphone this also applies on the Apple

According to the news that circulated not long ago, the giant company that has already started the process of the production of iPhone devices in India.

This report follows on the news three months ago about Apple is planning on building a factory in the southwest region of Karnataka, India.

According to the report, Apple has completed a test for the first iPhone that was assembled in India. Model iPhone is iPhone is SE.

iPhone SE itself is the cheapest iPhone model. No wrong if this model becomes the first assembled in India.

The factory, located in Karnataka is run by Winstrop Corp., a manufacturer of Apple’s original contract Taiwan.

In the quotation from the Apple statement said that the initial production of a small number of devices iPhone SE has done in Bangalore and will be sent to consumers this month domestio not only that alone, according to another source saying that smartphone will be on sale at the store this week or next week.

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