How to Update a Page on a Computer

Surfing the Internet is a task that can take a little practice before it becomes second nature. For example, if you have problems loading pages slowly or not displaying correctly, you can refresh the page. Depending on the internet browser you use – Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome – the buttons may look different in different screen areas or slightly different. No matter how the difference is, however, each button does the same thing: the web page you are viewing is being reloaded or updated.


1.Click on the right side of the address bar in Internet Explorer. The image in the button has two arrows that bend each other into a round shape. This page takes a while to update.

2.Click the third button from the top left of the page in Google Chrome. The button is an arrow that forms a circle.

3.Left-click the circular arrow on the left side of Firefox’s address bar to refresh the page. This button may also have a “Reload” button in the Tool bar, depending on your version of Firefox.

4.Simultaneously holding “Ctrl” and “R” or pressing the “F5” key on your keyboard as another way to refresh the page. It works in every internet browser.

5.Close the window, and then reopen the Refresh page to not fix any errors you find.

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