How to convert HTML documents to PDF

HTML code is relatively simple and enables simple text insertion with minimal bandwidth requirements, making it usable for even the most basic Web sites at very low transfer rates. HTML can also be coding for high-resolution recordings and other complex operations. Despite its versatility, however, HTML is primarily web-based, and it is difficult to transfer HTML documents as offline files. PDF files are preferred for offline use because they can be saved directly to PC desktops and emailed to friends. Converting HTML documents to PDF is simply using very simple Windows applications.


1.Download Able2Extract Professional 5.0 (see Resources). This program is directly linked by Microsoft as a trusted converter for HTML documents. The converter works well, even for complex HTML files. The software is available for download the free trial; For long-term use, you need to acquire a license to use the software.
2.InstallAble2Extract Professional 5.0 by double-clicking the downloaded InstallAble2ExtractPro.exe file. Click through the instructions on the screen to complete the install procedure.
3.Open the installed Able2Extract program and select the HTML file you want to convert. Click here to convert the file to a Word document. Your final result will still be a PDF file, but first you will need to save a textual version of your HTML file to your computer.
4.Open the recently converted file in Microsoft Word, attached with a PDF converter addition.
5.Click the Office button at the top left of the MS Word window (in the version of Word 2007).
6.Mouse over the option “Save as”. This will pop up additional options, including “PDF or XPS” Click on this option. By default, the dialog box that appears will be set as a PDF file; Enter the desired file name for the PDF file.
7.Click “Save” to confirm the final conversion of the document into PDF format. Your former HTML file is now in PDF format.

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