How To Choose A Domain For Your Online Store

A name in a site is one of the identity of a website. Especially for you who want to make a website-based online business here’s how to choose the right domain for your online store.

1. use The easy to remember.

The name of the domain in order to give easily remember and try as short as possible eg or and so easy to remember keyword, let alone cheap domain that matches your business.

2. do not use a Hyphen

As much as possible do not use hyphen such as if must use hyphen use keywords that fit and short such as

3. Use another name for the same if the Domain is already Owned.

We can use this trick to what if the name on the messages already in the possession of others such as we can use an alternative

4. I can Use numbers.

You can shop online at variations using numbers such as numbers were already quite popular on behalf of your business such as, you can using his so that long term customers also know of the existence of your website.

5. use the name instead of the proprietary Trademark.

Do not use a name that is similar to a trademark case aims in addition to the original name and not in talk about at a later date such as especially the cheap domain already brands international.

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