How to care for Panasonic Facsimile Machines

Facsimile machines are still needed nowadays, even though there is already a computer connected to the internet that allows someone to send documents via electronic mail or e-mail. The use of facsimile machines is still required by many companies to send transaction data, especially purchase orders, which must be signed and stamped manually, because the signatures and scanned stamps are felt by many people are less valid.
Of course you also already know the function of facsimile machine are:
  • Send data or documents
  • Receive data or documents
By understanding the function of the machine, of course we will also try to explain how the workings of the machine:

1. Delivery of data or documents

This data transmission is done by the scaner or more specifically called the Contact Image Sensor / CIS, on the old facsimile machine still using CCD. In contrast to the photocopy machine how data recording works with moving document system or moving documents. This movement is done by motor and Roller feeder.
CIS shape when we see by opening the front of the machine in the form of glass, if the glass is dirty then the results of the document delivery becomes unclean become blurred and many black spots. In order to maintain a good delivery result this CIS should be cleaned of dust by using a plaster cloth which is given a cleaning fluid as we clean our glass. On the cover there is a white plastic attached to the small brother machine in the form of white feed roll this section should also be cleaned because it is the basic white data recording, if this part is dirty the results are so blurry.
The feed roller part should be cleaned because if the dust drawing of the document becomes longer, this will cause the document to be longer than the original document.
The recommended periodic period for doing the above is three months.

2. Receiving documents

In this section is the printing of documents. In this section there are two printing systems.
2.1. Thermal system
Using thermal head as a printer there are two on this system that is roll paper and HVS paper by using carbon film as ink media.
Systems that use our roll paper should pay attention to paper quality because each paper has a different concentration, by scraping the nail on a slippery paper surface that will show the density of the paper. While the system using paper A4 hvs with carbon films of printing is determined by the quality of film carbon.
For this thermal head section we should be careful because it is very vulnerable, the length is as wide as A4 size paper and folio, not to scratch will cause defects in the results of acceptance.
2.2. Drum unit
For now this type of facsimile machine using lasr technology as a drum surface writer how it works similar to digital photocopy. That need to be paid attention on this type of glass machine between drum unit and laser, because this part is often exposed to toner when we replace the toner. If this section is dirty the result will be blurred.

This machine maintenance is recommended once a month.

For some things suppose the fax machine is not alive at all, no tone tone, paper jamed, can not send and receive or other tenik constraints you should contact a Fax technician or take the place of the facsimile machine srvice center.
That’s a little picture that can be described here. Of course the machine hygiene factor itself that makes the results we send to be good. Hope can be useful

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