How the Facebook chat in Messenger Android Application Without FB

Android smartphone most users already know that to get to the Facebook chat in HP’s Android, we have to use an application called Facebook Messenger.

Although we already have Facebook applications on Smartphones, but we still are required to install the application. The problem is many Android users who complain will be heavy Messenger Facebook application so as to make the performance of the smartphone being slowed a.k.a. Therefore many are curious how the Facebook chat on Android applications without having to use FB Messenger.
Well, for you are too curious and want to know how, simply refer to the fine reviews from here. But before make sure that you are already using Android phone OS Android version 2.3 and above. Okay, here’s the full info. How the Facebook chat on Android Without FB Application Messenger for can do the Facebook chat in Messenger Android application without FB, you can replace them with some of the following applications. What is application? The following is the complete information of your loyal readers a special

1. Facebook Chat Enabler

Facebook Chat Enabler can be used to re-enable the messenger feature on Facebook applications. When you use this application, your existing messenger features in Facebook applications will automatically didirect to this application.

2. Disa

DISA is one application that is unique in that it is able to collect all the chat into one application. So this application can be used to create incoming messages from multiple applications such as Facebook, Whatsapp chats, SMS, and a few other chat applications.

You can see the incoming message via FB application Disa and respond directly. How to use this application is very easy. Staying open and Disa application login using Facebook account you have, and you can directly affect a chat.

3. Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is a lightweight version of the Facebook application designed specifically for users of Android that constrained the problem internet lemot. With this application, you do not need to install Messenger for FB application can see the chat entry and replying to it.

The information about how the Facebook chat on Android without FB Messenger. Hopefully the information above can provide benefits for loyal readers See you at the next interesting reviews.

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