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Software version: 7,209
Price: Free
Size: 6.6 MB
Operating system: windows XP, windows 2003, windows vista, windows 7

Like walking, or rather roam remote cities of the exotic in different regions? If the answer is Yes, then you should get to know google maps. Google hosts this application is very useful if we lose direction in times of need. But the internet connection is available in asia have not been as good as most of the developed countries. There are still many areas that are not touchable signals the internet properly. Then how does the way you know the directions using google maps when no internet connection? The answer is Google Maps Downloader.
This application gives you an alternative time was in an area with less good connection capabilities. So you can download maps from Google Maps while in the area with an adequate internet network range to all the routes you may need before beginning the journey. In addition, the application also helps when you don’t want to spend a lot of internet quota to continue to connect with google satellite maps to guide you through to the destination. In addition to giving convenience to download google maps mapping in the form of JPG, it is also very lightweight application when executed. So you will not feel disturbed when running this application

Unfortunately, because the size is not too large causing appearance becomes very simple. Indeed if the mere is used for downloading the mapping from google maps, this application is already very capable. But if certain conditions we need the menu to select the resolution of the image that we need, we will not find it in the application of this one. It is because this application has determined the size of the image file will be stored depending on the ratio of the image magnification and the range of the desired territories. The time it takes to process satellite images google vary also depends on how large the area that you want to save. Despite its shortcomings in the determination of image resolution, but this application is very helpful to keep a satellite map from google maps.

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