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By | September 2, 2017

United Kingdom Language Children’s Songs Download Mp3

Children’s songs children’s songs – ENGLISH language United Kingdom is great to train children in mastering the language of United Kingdom, when children were already trained to pronounce the words United Kingdom it will facilitate them in utter other vocabulary.

By teaching children sing song language of United Kingdom indirectly you are already starting to introduce a foreign language to children. So that in future they will be more easy in learning the language.

As it is already known that the United Kingdom is the international language used by many countries in the world. Below are some of the lyrics of United Kingdom language suitable for learning to children who are still in kindergarten or ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.

  • How are you
  • I’m happy
  • How many are there?
  • Number songs
  • Book, pen,desk, chair
  • Can you draw
  • She’s my mom
  • Is this a dog?
  • Red, yellow,blue and green
  • What do you like?
  • Do you like baseball?
  • What’s that?
  • Shoes and shirts
  • What are these?
  • What time is it?
  • Do you have a fork?
  • What day istoday
  • Can I have a pen?
  • Do you want a basketball?
  • I like science
  • Where is my white socks?
  • Reach high
  • Whose ball isit?
  • What’s everyone doing now?
  • She’s folding the clothes
  • Check it out
  • Where are yougoing?
  • It’s time toget up
  • Is this his bathrobe?
  • Let’s go see amovie
  • Clean your room
  • Do you have any staples?
  • What does hedo?
  • Hot! Hot! So hot!
  • What did youdo?
  • I took a trip
  • What did you teach?

So sob from my reviews of children’s songs children Complete and most popular of all time. Hopefully with my child mp3 songs can be helpful and share entertaining dude all. Thank you

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