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WiFi Key Generator Download (Free)

Software version: 1.0
Developer: Atlex
Price: Free
Size: 500 KB
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Wireless Fidelity or commonly abbreviated as WiFi, is one method of connection to the internet. WiFi generally are local so often owners equip it with WiFi network password. To specify a password that is secure from hacking course required a tricky Word.
WiFi Key Generator is a simple software to help users get the WiFi security password. WiFi Key Generator can be used to sign in to a WiFi network or forming a secure WiFi network. WiFi Key Generator can find the right password for two types of WiFi network security i.e. WEP and WPA/PSK. Security with WEP using units of bits by default 64 bits to 256 bits tailored to the length of the character phrases WiFi. Whereas security using WPA/PSK using the units of characters for each phrase are included. WiFi Key Generator will find your password in accordance with the WiFi name you entered. For each of the five characters in the name of WiFi, the WiFi Key Generator will bring up 64 bits using the option password WEP, so any beyond. WiFi Key Generator also comes with the use of the methods bruce force password attack to search with the option WPA/PSK and the phrase less than five characters.

WiFi Key Generator is very easy to use. Users just need to type in the desired phrase prompted then users simply press the button generate. As a result, the password will appear and can be copied to clipboard or saved in the form of a text file. WiFi Key Generator doesn’t require installation because this software function is almost the same with software key generator to activate programs or applications. Please note, WiFi Key Generator cannot be used to compromise a WiFi network. This software is only in charge of helping users to get the possibility of a proper password of a WiFi network. In addition, WiFi Key Generator is also not always able to find the right password in WiFi network already set up manually by the owner. The password can be found by WiFi Key Generator with automatic settings password of the WiFi network provider.

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