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This unique application rarely you meet, of course. Virtual DJ is a replica of an application tool to perform the activities of the DJ. With this application you can do a remix a few songs into a collection of your own creation. This application runs stable and there is no lag, load your CPU can also be monitored on the indicator bar available. If it is felt the burden heavy enough, you can lower your performance via a menu config. To help facilitate You in playing these applications, providing assistance in the form of Virtual DJ playlists, so that the songs that you want to use, and can be prepared in advance in the playlist.

There is a useful skin settings to set the number of decks you need. If you are a pro you should probably try to play this application with four decks at once. No need to worry because each deck has different colors. Unfortunately the choice with six decks are only available in a visual size. Sound effects provided quite complete, even the sound effects of the beatgrid still can be arranged again for adapted to the tempo of the song being played. When felt less, you can add it through plug-ins. Plug-ins that can be added quite a lot, ranging from skin, sound effects, samples, and so on. Some plug-ins can only be used in the application.

Provided some key shortcut to access some of the features that are provided, and you can make arrangements in advance on the menu config. In addition you can also set the resulting sound is adjusted to the type of speakers you use. Unfortunately for the play deck must be done using the mouse, where of course the accuracy by using a touch of hands directly to decks will be far more precision than through the mouse. For those of you who have operated a basic DJ tool, this application can be your friend in berkreativitas. But don’t worry for those of you unfamiliar, Virtualdj provides assistance in the form of guidelines and documentation as well as the forums via a link like that can help you become a DJ neophyte. Surely it would be more interesting again if your PC is supported with quality speakers when you get creative with Virtual DJ. Download Download Virtual DJ

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