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By | August 15, 2017

For those parents who have daughters age and childhood was fond of using their gadgets as a media game or learning, they should try the application on this one. Princess Beauty Salon applications issued by the developers of the Game TNN. Application of Princess Beauty Salon telling about a teenager who were caring for him. All methods of self-care can be studied in this application. Some of these are spa, facials, make-up, and dress up.

Anything that can be done on each piece is generally popular with the ladies. Players must specify one part beauty what they will follow. If the player wants to pay a visit to a spa classroom, the player must press the floor then instantly lift will move. This seems to indicates an elevator carrying the players moved into the room in question. Next when players have been in the room, the player will experience a number of things that are common in the salon. Players will be directed to sleep lay and all the activities of the spa will start. The player must clean up the back of the girl that is in front of him with a variety of existing tools. The shower used to bathe the girl, SOAP, and various tools used to perform an action.

To play this Princess Beauty Salon application, it would be much better if you can accompany your daughter. This is done as a move action learning. In the other room, when players visited the grade facials, the same steps are also performed. Players will be cleaning up the face of a girl there by using all kinds of tools. An activity that is always done when someone is cleaning up to do facial blackheads and acne. It is also done in Princess Beauty Salon.
Most of the kids will really like the class makeup and dressup. In this section they can experiment how it later when it became a teenage girl. Cheek coloring what will they use, what kind of haircut will be they have, and so on. They will provide appropriate make-up to the tastes of the child. It is this activity that must be explained to the parents their small daughter.

A number of other similar applications with Princess Beauty Salon among others Princess Birthday Party, Princess Dress Up, Frozen or Princess Pet Salon. Like most applications devoted to children, Princess Beauty Salon also has the ability to always prioritize the players that in fact is the little child to be their King. Whatever the child do to guests in this application will always be justified. For example when the players give a hot stone in the back of his guest, automatically after five seconds, the hot stone it will be raised. If not, the backs of the guests will be burned and this learning will not be continued. Application of Princess Beauty Salon is a very good application for learning for the girls.


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