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Mozilla Firefox is just a quick Visitor with complete functions for Windows, making searching more effective than previously.

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Mozilla Firefox

Developer(s) Mozilla Foundation and contributors
Mozilla Corporation
Initial release  September 23, 2002; 14 years ago
Stable release(s) [±]
Standard  53.0.2 / May 5, 2017; 2 days ago
ESR 1 52.1.1 / May 5, 2017; 2 days ago
ESR 2  45.9.0 / April 19, 2017; 18 days ago
Preview release(s) [±]
Beta 54.0beta / April 21, 2017; 16 days ago,semiweekly release
Developer Edition 54.0a2 / March 10, 2017; 58 days ago[6][7] daily release
Nightly  55.0a1 / March 6, 2017; 2 months agodaily release
Development status  Active
Written in C++, JavaScript, C, HTML, Rust
Operating system Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS(Unofficial ports to BSDs, Solaris, OpenSolaris, illumos)
Included with Firefox OS, Ubuntu, Linux Mint
Engines Gecko, SpiderMonkey, WebKit (iOS only)
Size Windows: 44 MB
macOS: 55 MB
Linux: 55 MB
Android: 28 MB
 iOS: 79 MB
 Source code: 203 MB
Available in 91 languages
Type Web browser
Feed reader
Mobile web browser
License MPL 2.0Website
Standard(s) HTML5, CSS3, RSS, Atom

 Mozilla Firefox Web Browser—Download Developer Edition in your language — Mozilla

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser—Download Firefox Beta in your language—Mozilla

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser—Download Firefox Nightly in your language—Mozilla

Firefox for Android on Google Play

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser – Supported Android Devices 

Firefox – 45.9.0 System Requirements

Firefox – 52.1.1 System Requirements

Firefox incorporates appear, a browsing lets many websites start in one single screen.
Mozilla Firefox’s Benefits:
1. Live Bookmarks – RSS integration enables you to study your preferred syndicated websites improvements and browse the latest information.
2. Extensions – add ons that add Your Mozilla plan and functionality.
3. Concept – you are able to alter the appearance with shades and fresh artwork.
4. Solitude and protection – is by blocking ActiveX Opera maintain Your notebook and pc secure from harmful spyware.
5. Extra applications that offer contrasting information more fascinating are –ed by extensions.
6. Includes designer resources including CSS mistake and JavaScript /caution system, and an elective Doc Inspector that provides comprehensive details about the site that’s exposed.
You should use through the Opera button and pick the selection New Private Screen to start Personal Checking. Color will be changed by every Personal Checking style utilizing the Opera switch to crimson. The benefit of utilizing Personal Checking that’s all actions of both cache and background won’t be saved, but normally should you produce a bookmark is likely to be preserved instantly.

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