Download Icy Tower (free)Download Icy Tower

Download Icy Tower (free)Download Icy Tower

Software version: 1
Price: Free
Size: 4.2 MB
Operating system: windows XP, windows vista, windows 7

A game that will help you kill time or accompany you a boring when. It is a brief explanation about Icy Tower. This game is so simple, yet the simplicity of the game instead became the attraction that makes users want to continue to play this game.

With simple graphics but still eyes users, this game is able to hypnotize its users to hold down the play in a long time. In contrast to most computer game, this game is available in sizes small, so you will not feel any changes in performance on your computer after you install the game on your device. The characters featured in the game is also interesting. Looks adorable as dwarves in the winter.
Unfortunately this game you have to play by using the keypad of the device to your computer. This would certainly be a problem for people who do not play with the Board accustomed to. But contrary to you which is a keen computer games do, it certainly wouldn’t be a problem. The background music used is also fun. Make its users feel encouraged to jump higher.

This game is almost the same with a Dodle jump on Android devices. The difference is, this application is controlled using the keyboard while Dodle Jump controlled by motion sensors. Of course the difficulty level of the game was just the second. What’s more this time, Icy Tower is already developing its wings by producing games that can be played with Android devices, Apple, and Blackberry. If you are still in confusion how to play it, then you only need to use three buttons to control the game. Right arrow key to run to the right, left arrow key to go to the left, and the SPACEBAR to jump. When you have started playing, you should be able to jump over the boards that are available with each fast so you don’t fall or get left by the movement of the screen constantly goes up. This game is a game that is worthy for you to choose to be one of Your free time filler.


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