Download Hotspot Shield

Download Hotspot Shield

Software version: 3.17
Developer: AnchorFree Inc.
Price: Free Trial/Rp. 16,500,-for 2 weeks
Size: 7.10 MB
Operating system: Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Mac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8, iOS, Android 2.x and 4.x

You who love to surf in the virtual world with the use of public facilities or WI-FI no longer will have to worry the security and validity of the data. HotSpot Shield will be in charge of keeping traffic data during your surfing in cyberspace without compromise. New Hotspot Shield currently supports Windows-based operating systems, Android and iOS. For Linux based operating systems are still not allowed to use this application.

Using Hotspot Shield, your IP will not be detected during browsing on the internet, especially when using a WI-FI service. The application of building private network device that connects your computer directly to the Internet Gateway and how to bypass firewalls. It lets you be free from the snoopers who want to steal Your transaction data on the internet. HotSpot Shield also provides protection against malware.

Because the workings of the Hotspot Shield VPN feature and falsify IP, facilities download through torrent can not be used, internet connection feels a little slower than before using Hotspot Shield. It can feel when You use a 3 g connection. Another thing that might be disturbing is the existence of video ads on the free version of Hotspot Shield.

A lot of similar applications that provide data security services while using the internet. For example the AlwaysVPN, an open source-based application has the ability equivalent to Hotspot Shield. The method used is by building a VPN (Virtual Private Network), so all the transaction data that you do in the virtual world can be encrypted with either. Unfortunately this app is not free. The magnitude of the nominal measured based on packet data you use.

There’s also the Ultrasurf app, developed by Ultrareach which provide similar services. This application is free, but instead, you need to do a little extra effort to setup first before using it. Technical support services for application Hotspot Shield is still impressed minimal, you are expected to have a basic understanding in the field of network infrastructure to solve the common problems you encounter or you can look it up from other forum sites.

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