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Defense of The Ancients, or commonly abbreviated as DoTA is a modification (mod) of the strategy game Warcraft III ex. Blizzard. At first, it was created by modifying one of the map in Warcraft III (a strategy game) into a war between two factions with the US control of one faction of the tiger that we support.

Before we can play DoTA, we must first have the game Warcraft III is installed on our PC. Unfortunately, Warcraft III is not yet available in a digital version, so you should find it in retail, through Amazon or other stores your subscription. Although Warcraft III is an old game, but its popularity led this game is still relatively easy to search. After installing Warcraft III, you just need to put the folder you downloaded has been strong in the appropriate folder.

Learn the game of DoTA can be said to be quite difficult, especially if unfamiliar with the game before. Our goal is to destroy your opponent’s headquarters, as well as defeating the Hero belongs to an opponent if they are disruptive. We see the characters (Hero) us from above. Each character has its own way of play, each with its own merits. There is a nice play at close range, some are nice to play remotely, there is also a character that is more supportive than the other characters defeat the enemy directly.

Basically, It is a pure multiplayer games. The maximum number of players is 10, i.e. 5 5 opponents. Actually, there is a single player mode for this game, but of course the experience of doing much different than playing this game with friends. This game can be played online via the internet or locally via the LAN network.

It is an interesting game if you take the time to learn the rules that cannot be practically easy. Community play DoTA still belongs to quite a lot, even though his popularity is starting to slide by DoTA 2 (published for free). But if you’ve started to get used to this game, maybe you’ll get hours of the night You lost irreplaceable with Strong sessions with friends.

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