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BlackBerry Desktop Software (once known as Blackberry Desktop Manager) is a program that is very useful for the owners of the Blackberry device. Although we can arrange our files through windows explorer always, Blackberry Desktop Software trying to offer an alternative that is more convenient and centralized rather than manual way.

After we connect to the Blackberry device, we can do the usual things we do more easily. For example, we can transfer the photos we take through our device. So is the case with the video. We can also store files contact (including PIN and e-mail) with this software. In addition, we can synchronize our agenda through the menu Organizer, so no need to change our agenda one by one if there is a schedule change.

We can connect to our device via cable or bluetooth connection. Connection bluetooth connection this is very helpful when we don’t want many more wires that connect with our PC or Laptop, for example because the USB port up, or we forgot to bring data cable.

Of course, the Blackberry Desktop Software is equipped with a feature to back up the data on our HP. Features back up very useful if we lose or replace the device we are and don’t want to bother to organize so that our new device the same as the previous one. The authors suggest to do back up every few time once. If anything, we could easily do a restore without losing too much data.

Unfortunately, this app still has significant deficiencies. Sometimes, the data transfer feels slow or even stop in the middle of the road. When any is connected again, device or device into a crash and restart. Sometimes moving files through the usual way i.e. Windows Explorer became more practical in 2008. This is unfortunate, but the look of this application is already pretty easy and interesting.

Keep in mind, even though this program fit in with almost any OS, Blackberry OS version 10 and above already uses Blackberry links. Although there is already a new version, RIM still update this program regularly, though not as often as I used to.


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