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Imagine the fuss if we must send multiple documents at once, even up to hundreds. Not to mention, the file size can swell up even though we only save documents only. That is why the emerging programs that function to dynamically compressing files, IE collect files in one place and press it so that the file size can be smaller.

With technology now, file compression is most effective when we dynamically compressing files that contain many texts (documents in MS Word or Excel, for example). Change file size on a file in the form of pictures or videos will not be too feels significant, but 7zip very useful if we want to classify several files into one.

Two file compression format is zip and rar. Both have its own advantages: zip file is already known to Windows so that it does not need another program to open it, while the rar file can break down the results of compression into sections. This time there was a program that could do both, i.e. 7zip.
Although this program called 7zip, can open or dynamically compressing files with the extension zip, rar, or other formats as needed. We can choose how the compression fit our needs. Ultra level compression, for example, files generated can be very small, but to open it takes quite a long time. We can also divide the results of compression to several smaller files. In addition, we can also put a password on the file compression results so that not everyone can open it.

7zip main power is the ability of compressing files with the format 7z. Files that are compressed with this method have the file size is much smaller than before.
The program 7zip themselves are small and very light for the computer. One of these advantages is the existence of 7zip portable version that can be stored in Flash without the need of installation. With the presence of 7zip are always available on our pendrive, we don’t have to worry if the other computer does not have a program to open the file compression results.

7zip is a very important program for all, and one of the programs mandatory install for a new computer. Moreover, we often get the form of zip or rar file when downloading stuff on the internet so we need another program to open it.

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