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Scanner Plustek SmartOffice PL1530 Driver Download

Plustek SmartOffice PL1530, With 2 USB Ports Becoming Easier Plustek SmartOffice PL1530 is a unique scanner device with 2 USB slots, which makes it easy for you to divide two documents into 2 different PCs. So that it can shorten time and work. Having two sensor images with the CIS type, this scanner is able… Read More »


Plustek SmartOffice PS456U, Power Saving Features Environmentally Friendly Plustek SmartOffice PS456U is a scanner that can make it easy for you to scan various documents easily and practically. This scanner uses dual image sensor with CCD type, the resolution offered is 600 Dpi. this device has a sturdy design with dimensions of 318.7 x 230.7… Read More »