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Understanding CAPTCHA

Understanding CAPTCHA. Hi brothers all! As usual, because a lot of activity so I very rarely post on the blog. Sorry yeah, hehe. This time I will share about Understanding CAPTCHA.may have been unfamiliar with the name CAPTCHA and maybe also brothers already know about this CAPTCHA Understanding. Okay, without further ado, please read about… Read More »

About Open Source Software

Open-Source is open source code. The source code here refers to the existing source code of a software. So, people can see and use the source code in accordance with the existing license in the software. For example GNU / Linux. GNU / Linux is open-source. You can tamper with the existing source code on… Read More »

Projector Epson EB-S300 SPECIFICATION

Detail Product Projector Epson EB-S300 The EB-S300 projector has performance levels and features that can be found exclusively on the mid to high level projector model that is high brightness and easy-to-use features. This new projector is part of an affordable projector series as an industry leader in the projector field, where all businesses in… Read More »

Dell Precision 870 Specifications

With all the new computers coming out almost every day from manufacturers like Dell, it’s hard to keep track of every particular spec of every model. One of Dell’s new models of release date from the workstation was at the end of 2009. Despite the difficulty of meeting this deadline due to the availability of… Read More »

How to send Gmail through Google Apps SMTP server

Google Apps is a service provided by Google that allows clients with custom domains to host their email accounts on Google servers. For example, your email address,, without having a account hosted on Google. You can read your Google Apps email through a POP-enabled mail client such as Gmail, Thunderbird or Outlook, among… Read More »

Upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 on Windows 2000

Anyone using the Internet should have an Internet browser, and Internet Explorer 7 is an option. It is used by millions of people around the world. By default, Windows 2000 comes with an older version of Internet Explorer, compared to IE 7 which is much easier, simpler and sophisticated. IE 7 is free to download… Read More »

How to Update a Page on a Computer

Surfing the Internet is a task that can take a little practice before it becomes second nature. For example, if you have problems loading pages slowly or not displaying correctly, you can refresh the page. Depending on the internet browser you use – Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome – the buttons may look different in… Read More »

Form of Image Set in Excel

In Microsoft Excel 2007, you can enable any image in your workbook in a different form than what it is. The “Image Format” button can be used to turn your image into anything from a basic shape to a legend. Follow the steps below to learn how to set the shape of an image in… Read More »