5 Mainstay weapons of mass destruction to North Korea

North Korea last quite some time, seized the world’s attention.
The first heats up his relationship with Malaysia post-war murder of Kim Jong Nam.
North Korea’s action is the second that performs nuclear test until reaction to United States fishing.
The country also declared themselves as one of the few countries that dare to defy the United States.
The more curious, why up to now no country dared to invade North Korea, though they are reportedly often dismayed South Korea and the United States.
Their military force called more than ready, if there are countries which invite war.
An interesting thing, considering North Korea is not a country that established economically.
Quoted from the website of nationalinterest.org, the following 5 ultimate military weapon North Korea, which reportedly, so feared by South Korea:

1. Nuclear bomb

Army combat skills and equipment North Korea cited far outdated than u.s. troops or the Carousel though.
But, North Korea is rumored to have the world’s most terrible weapons: the nuclear bomb.
In 2006, North Korea tested its first nuclear bomb they try. The result is a total failure.
In 2013, the FA claimed to succeed.
One nuclear bomb they were rumored to have the power of 6-40 kilotons of TNT.
The origin of the idea, the Hiroshima bomb had the power of 18 kilotons of TNT.
Nobody knows exactly how many nuclear bombs belonging to North Korea.
But, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute estimates, North Korea got the bomb stock 6-8.
North Korea is indeed still have a weakness for firing the bomb to a great distance, such as to the United States.
But, they could have devastated the entire carousel, Japan, Beijing, or in a single match report:.
Duh, we wish the bomb could not reach Indonesia huh?

2. Mini Submarine

Combat tool one is so feared by its rival North Korea.
Though small, this ship is so difficult to detect.
In 2010, the warship Cheonan, carousel, sank.
As many as 46 Warrior AL they fall.
Until now, no one knows the cause, because there are no ships were detected there.
But, there is evidence of debris material vessel, which raises suspicion, 2 mini-submarines North Korea, becomes the main actor.
It was part of the torpedo fragments CHT-02D, commonly used by North Korea.
North Korea had two submarine types, that is, the-O and Yono.
Predicted, North Korea had more than 50 submarines.

3. Cannon

North Korea’s military known infatuated with antiudara gun collection.
Two cannon is the most dangerous 170mm KOKSAN howitzers and rocket launchers MRL-240.
KOKSAN Cannon can shoot as far as 59 kilometers with the sophistication of the refill system so quickly.
That is astounding, North Korea is estimated to have 500 fruit of this type of Cannon!

4. Ballistic Missile

Scientists At dedicating their time and effort to create a terrible weapon in the form of long-distance missiles up close.
Toksa Hwasong and missile known as the mainstay of North Korea.
Reportedly, these missiles are very similar to the Scud missile.
Hwasong-5 made the early 1980.
These missiles have a range of power 321 kilometers.
In other words, Kim Jong-Un could be fired this missile from Surabaya, while target, set, there are Solo.
South Korea very anxious with this missile, reportedly, because until now they do not have the sophisticated missile system flak.
North Korea is now rumored to develop middle distance Missiles called the Taepodong 2.
These missiles can reach 4000-8000 kilometres, with sense, never mind the Malaysia, Indonesia ever reached by this missile!

5. Chemical weapons

This is the last terrible weapons belonging to North Korea.
Noiseless as a nuclear bomb, but touted more deadly.
They claimed had a huge Special Bureau to develop chemical weapons, as well as this train people the option to use it.
Different types of toxic gases they develop, including nerve gas, VM and VX.
There are reports that mention North Korea tried this gun to a number of political prisoners.
In 2012, there are reports that call, found North Korea-made gas masks in the war on Syria.
The murder of Kim Jong-Nam who so quickly and quietly, in Malaysia, regardless it still so the mystery of who the culprit’s brain, as well as using chemical substances

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